The Voices – Review

Leading up to the release of The Voices, there wasn’t much publicity surrounding it in the UK – perhaps this explains then why my perception of what this film was about proved to be the furthest thing from the truth.

Talking animals, the odd killing, and Ryan Reynolds, who’s cemented himself as that rom-com kind of guy, would lead one to believe they this is just a dark comedy with a Dr. Doolittle edge.

It’s really not – The Voice is a dark, physiological thriller that surprises you on all levels, with Reynolds giving a performance of his career that was completely unexpected to say the least.

Ryan Reynolds and Gemma Arterton star in The Voices (2015).

Directed by newcomer Marjane Satrapi and written by The River creator Michael R. Perry, The Voices follows the reclusive and dark life of Jerry, a former con who’s trying to get his life back on track. With a new job and the prospect of love when he meets office hottie Fiona (Gemma Arterton), Jerry just might be able to put his dark and disturbing past behind him. Though when he’s stood up on their first date, the influences of his pet cat Mr Whiskers and faithfully mut Bosco, who he believes can talk with him, lead him to the realisation of what he truly is…

Anna Kendrick alongside Ryan Reynolds in The Voices (2015).

The Voices was one of the biggest unexpected surprised I’ve had at the cinema for a very long time – Ryan Reynolds, who also lends his voice talents to the animals, gives a performance of his career, with Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick help bring the innocent and yet ruthless character of Jerry to life.

So long as you can handle the gore, and the unrelenting, foul-mouthed language of Mr. Whiskers, this film is an absolute must see.