The Visit – Review

M. Night Shyamalan seemed to have lost his way over the last couple of years, release a stream of terrible films that seemed to diminish his solid reputation as one of the last surviving Auteurs in Hollywood – so to see The Sixth Sensegenius jump back into the horror genre was a slight relief.

The Visit is the one of the first horrors to hit cinema screens this Halloween season and follows two siblings as they visit their mysterious grandparents in a remote part of New York state. Having never met the couple before due to their mother’s broken relationship with them , Becca and Tyler have no idea what to expect, but soon find themselves living in a very strange and unnerving household.

Determined to get to the bottom of their grandparents strange and often bizarre behavior, the siblings soon discover a terrifying secret that provides a truly unforeseeable twist to the story.

Though the film is certainly nowhere near his best work, it’s certainly a positive re-direction for the writer/director and one that will surely lead him back to the top of the horror genre.

It’s perhaps an odd casting choice, but there’s no doubt that the grandmother, played by Deanna Dunagan, is the true star of the film, providing a chilling performance that will make you never look at your grandmother quite the same again.

The Visit is well worth a watch, preferably sooner rather than later, just in case someone ruins the massive twist for you.