Spectre (2015) – Review

It’s one of the UK’s biggest box office exports, and James Bond has always had a way off pulling in audiences in masses, even more so since the partnership of Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes – but something seemed to be missing from the latest installment.

Spectre offered a lot of promise during the months leading up to it’s release – with a story that would connect all the unexplained events of Casino RoyaleQuantum of Solace and Skyfall, and a Bond villain that would prove to be 007’s most formidable foe ever.

Skyfall is often referred to as one of the greatest Bond films of all time, so it was pleasing when Sam Mendes returned once again to the director’s chair, along with Ralph Fiennes, Naomi Harris and Ben Whishaw stepping into their characters shoes again, alongside new ‘Bond girls’ Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci. The icing on the cake was the casting of two-time Academy Award-winner Christophe Waltz as the master Bond villain and Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista, who would offer a true physical opponent to Daniel Craig’s 007.

Sadly though Spectre never seemed to get off the ground – despite it’s stellar-cast and promising story-arch, the film seemed a mess. The perfect balance of action and story that made Skyfall so great, was almost void in this latest installment. It almost seemed as though there was too much action, culminating in pointless downtime that didn’t explain who the characters were, especially those of Christophe Waltz and Lea Seydoux.

Christophe Waltz was certainly the most exciting element of Spectre and the 007 universe in general, but a lackluster script really destroyed any hope of the talented actor cementing himself among the great ‘Bond villains’.

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond (007) in Spectre.

As a fan of Daniel Craig as Bond, I will always give him the benefit of the doubt, as no-one can get thing’s right all the time, but Spectre could almost be overlooked in the ever-expanding world of James Bond. Perhaps this is all due to one of the key character relationships being struck down in it’s prime – the love/hate relationship between Daniel Craig’s 007 and Judi Dench’s M, who sadly bit the dust in Skyfall.

Certainly go and see it – but don’t expect it to top the last three.