San Andreas – Review

It does seem like a while since we’ve had a good old fashioned disaster blockbuster hit cinema screens – perhaps that’s why Dwayne Johnson’s new summer release, San Andreas, has made so much money in just a couple of weeks.

Director Brad Peyton has decided to step away from his normal kids adventure genre and tackle the more global subject that is Earthquakes – specifically the San Andreas fault line located in California.

Ray (Dwayne Johnson) is a rescue pilot for the Los Angeles Fire Department and as noble and honourable a man as you’d expect – but that hasn’t stopped him going through a tough separation with his wife Emma (Carla Gugino).

So when a powerful earthquake strikes near the Hoover Dam, Ray finds himself once again putting plans with his daughter, Blake (Alexandra Daddario) on hold – resulting in her mother’s new boyfriend Daniel Riddick (Ioan Gruffudd) accompanying her to San Fransisco instead.

This of course doesn’t sit to well with Ray, and when a catastrophic earthquake tears California almost in two, Ray must make the dangerous and deadly journey across the state to rescue his daughter from a city facing total destruction.

For the most part San Andreas is an easy-to-watch summer blockbuster that offers top-notch special effects worthy for any disaster movie – and yes the story and script is undeniably cheesy in parts, but it is a blockbuster after all.

San Andreas is in cinemas now and well worth the watch in either 2D or 3D.