Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension – Review

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting walking into another Paranormal Activity film – considering how bad the last 3 were (first one excluded) I decided to see it simply because it was in 3D, and that it may offer something new compared to the others.

Well for the most part I was impressed and actually found myself enjoying it, that us until the lady 10 minutes when everything good up until then was mercilessly undone in one fell swoop.

Following in suit with the first four film, Paranomal Activity: The Ghost Dimension chronicles a new family as they start to realise that their new home includes a very unwanted visitor. As the scares start to flow, the unsuspecting family start to discover that their fates are intertwined with the others throughout time.

Considering the main selling point of this fifth instalment in the hit franchise is the ‘ghost dimension’, that has illuded our eyes up until now, the 3D element of the film makes a refreshing change of pace and finally gives us a glimpse of the infamous ‘Toby’.

The casting has also been vastly improved – laughs and solid acting were greatly appreciated. Though it wasn’t enough to save the films ending, which once again left me so disappointed. It seems to be a curse of horror films that the ending, no matter how good the rest of the film is, always seems to fall flat and undo the great work produced throughout most of the story.

Perhaps the creators of the franchise could learn from the saying “less is more” and leave the conclusion to our imaginations.

Paranomal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is worth the watch this Halloween, but only if your expect little in the way of story and definitely see it in 3D, as this was the main strength of the movie and well worth the ticket price on its own.