Jurassic World – Review

Wow! Just wow!

If ever there was a perfect blockbuster, Jurassic World would come pretty damn close to it.

We’ve all seen by now that Jurassic World, the fourth instalment in Universal Studios spectacular dino-franchise, has pretty much broken every early box-office record, and is almost set to break most others as well – but having seen the film, nothing quite prepares you for how incredible it actually is.

Based several years after the events depicted in Jurassic Park 3 (perhaps worth avoiding if possible), Jurassic World sees Dr. Richard Hammond’s vision of a dinosaur theme park finally realised thanks to the work of geneticists and a very wealthy financier.

The park is overseen by work-obsessed Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), who’s nephews have just arrived at the park for a fun-filled holiday. VIP access to the park and all the dinosaurs they could ever ask for…or so it seemed.

Pressured by greedy investors, the park is about to showcase a brand new attraction in the form of the world’s first genetically-modified dinosaur – “probably not a good idea”.

Of course nothing good is going to come of it and it’s not long until the park is thrown into chaos when the new star attraction breaks lose in a theme park full of 20,000 people – basically an all you can eat buffet for a dinosaur with an unstoppable thirst for death.

With the park in ruins and the lives of everyone hanging in the balance, Owen (Chris Pratt), a park trainer who’s striked up a surprising relationship with four deadly raptors, find himself brought in to save the day any way possible.

Jurassic World has breathed new life into one of the most loved film franchise in history – it’s story is enthralling, the cast faultless, and the special effects and animatronics have brought the prehistoric world to life like never before.

The film is an absolute must see on the big screen, especially in 3D where the world truly comes to life – let’s just hope it’s not long until the next one.