Entourage (2015) – Review

If only we all had an entourage as cool as Vincent Chase’s.

It’s been 4 years since HBO’s Entourage wrapped on our TV screens and left us begging for a return of Vinny, E, Turtle, Drama and of course the one and only Ari Gold – well now they’re back!

Following on from where season 8 finished, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) has finally hit the big time, taking over as studio head at one of the biggest studios in Hollywood – and for his first major film, he wants no other than his old client Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier).

Sounds like success you say?… Well perhaps not so much – Vinny will star in the movie, so long as he gets to direct it. $100 million dollars, first time director and an entourage so disfunctional they could bring down the whole thing.

For fans of the show, Entourage is as epic as the TV show – not so surprising considering the film is basically just an extended episode. No complaints here I might add.

However there is one snag – for newcomers, Entourage doesn’t offer much in the way of character recaps, so if your watching it for the first time, the characters themselves and the banter that comes with them, might be a bit lost on you.

Don’t fret though – considering each episode of the TV show is only 22 minutes in length, you can pretty much watch all 8 seasons in just a couple of weeks.

Entourage is a winner in my opinion – it’s not over-done or outlandish, at least no more so than the series, and keeps things nice and simple.

Another nice touch is the film, Executive produced by Mark Wahlberg and loosly based on his eary years in Hollywood, brings back all the characters we’d come to love and hate throught the shows 8 year run.

Well worth the wait, and who knows, maybe this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Entourage.