Review of the fifth installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise, starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson.



The Mission: Impossible franchise seems to be going from strength to strength as Tom Cruise once again returns as super-spy Ethan Hunt in the explosive fifth installment.

Following directly on from the events in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Rogue Nation sees the IMF’s once great name tarnished in the wake of events in Moscow and San Fransisco – and to make matters even worse, a new enemy is reaping havoc around the world, one that the CIA refuses to acknowledge the existence of.

Known as the Syndicate, or an anti-IMF, this terrorist organisation is proving to be the most formidable enemies Ethan Hunt (Cruise) has ever faced – and no thanks to CIA director Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) recent actions that resulted in the IMF’s disbandment, Ethan Hunt is forced to take his team off the grid in order to stop this terrorist organisation.

Christopher McQuarrie, the genius writer behind The Usual Suspects (1995) and Edge of Tomorrow (2014), once again teams up with Tom Cruise, this time helping Cruise take the spy franchise to new heights…literally (you may remember the trailer showing a certain Hollywood heavyweight holding onto a plane as its takes off).

Tom Cruise, the undeniable king of all things action, proves why he’s one of the greatest action stars in history, as he takes his character of Ethan Hunt to new levels of extreme that provides us with an action packed roller-coaster that grips you from start to finish.

Hanging off a military plane at 5000ft, an adrenaline fueled car chase through the small streets of Casablanca, and a new female action star in the form of British actress Rebecca Ferguson, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation has all the components for an action-packed blockbuster worthy of its ticket price.

Franchise stars Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames reprise their roles as fellow IMF agents alongside Cruise – a definite summer movie must see this year!

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

131 min|Action, Adventure, Thriller|31 Jul 2015
7.5Rating: 7.5 / 10 from 207,337 usersMetascore: 75
Ethan and team take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate – an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF.


Review of the independent zombie-horror Maggie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chloe Grace Moretz.


So I went to book tickets to see Pixar’s new film Inside Out yesterday and while looking for times I noticed the new horror-drama, Maggie.

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and of course being a big Schwarzenegger fan, I couldn’t help but ‘squee’ in excitement as I watched the trailer – surprisingly though it didn’t show the traditional Arnie action spectacle; instead it seemed like a heart-breaking, thought provoking story about father and daughter. I was surprised this had managed to avoid my to watch list, and more to my surprise it was showing for less than a week (at my local cinema I might add). So I took a chance and booked tickets to see it that evening – and I’m so glad I did.

To sum up the overall story-line, there’s a zombie virus that has swept through the world, killing crops and infecting people in their droves. We join the story as the virus has been brought somewhat under control by quarantining people away from the general population. Unlike The Walking Dead (TV, 2010- ) and other zombie related films that almost see you turn into a zombie instantly, Maggie shows what happens when it takes around 6-8 weeks for the virus to take a hold of person.

In this image released by Roadside Attractions, Abigail Breslin, right, and Arnold Schwarzenegger appear in a scene from “Maggie.” (Tracy Bennett/Roadside Attractions via AP) ORG XMIT: NYET163
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin star in Maggie (2015)

Schwarzenegger plays Wade Vogel, the father of Maggie (played by Abigail Breslin), whose mother passed away years before – now living with his new wife and two children, one evening Maggie runs away from home and isn’t seen again until Wade finds her in hospital with a bite wound. Fearing losing his daughter to government quarantine, he takes her home to spend whatever time she has left, together.

It’s heart-breaking watching the deterioration of a young girl’s health and watching a father deal with this, knowing he will eventually lose her to the virus. There are hard decisions to be made and although it is a fictional virus, you can’t help but feel the pain for real-life families living with terminally-ill loved ones.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is great in this too. This is a completely different role for him, a completely different direction from his usually action-packed blockbusters, that usually see him fighting robots or defending mankind in some way. He plays a heart-broken father exceptionally well, portraying such love for his daughter in a  subtle way that never once over powers the film and allows Abigail Breslin’s character to grow as the main focus of the story. Portraying such a cool character at the beginning, you see her weaken as the film goes on and moments of pure fear and regret are shown by a young actress who’s always been tipped for greatness.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a father protecting his daughter in the horror-drama Maggie (2015)

Overall I really enjoyed Maggie and I think it is highly under advertised and underrated, as recent review have shown. The pace of the film is slow but steady all the way through but at no point does it feel like it is dragging. Beware, it’s a bit gory at times, but not unnecessarily so as we’ve come to see in Hollywood. Unlike a lot of zombie apocalypse films this has a feeling of reality attached to it – if there were such a virus, I believe that is exactly how the world would end up, though hopefully that won’t happen… hopefully…

Heck I went ahead and gave it 5 stars out of 5 because for me it didn’t let me down at all. It is a film that will pull at your heart strings while getting to watch a Zombie movie. Although it is a low budget indie film, the quality of the story telling and acting shows that you don’t need big money and big booms to make an amazing film.

I would highly recommend this!

London Has Fallen – Review


6.3Review of London Has Fallen – the sequel to the box office smash Olympus Has Fallen, starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman.

It’s very rare London get’s it’s place in the Hollywood limelight – especially in terms of big budget blockbusters that tend to stick closer to the US shore.

A welcome breath of fresh-air then to see The UK capital take center stage for the much anticipated sequel to the 2013 box office smash Olympus Has Fallen.

Following on several years from the events of the first film, London Has Fallen sees Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) and President Asher (Aaron Eckhart) travel to London for a state funeral for the late Prime Minister. Things soon turn out to be not what they seem when a extreme terrorist organisation unleash war against world heads of state on the streets of London.

With President Asher the main focus of this assult, Banning must once again protect the President from a merciless group hellbent on killing the Leader of the Free World in front of everyone.

London Has Fallen is certainly a full on action blockbuster that gets the adrenaline going, and for that fact alone, is worth the trip – however it falls very short of it’s predecessor in terms of story and acting – a shame considering it’s a full returning cast including Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett.

Worth a see – but for fans of Olympus Has Fallen, don’t expect too much and you won’t be too disappointed.

London Has Fallen (2016)

99 min|Action, Crime, Drama|04 Mar 2016
5.9Rating: 5.9 / 10 from 66,210 usersMetascore: 28
In London for the Prime Minister’s funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.

Best Dishwasher reviews


If you are here, then you are looking for the best dishwasher. The good news is that you are in the right place. My name is James and I review all dishwashers you can now find on the market. I have extensive experience working as a quality assurance manager for more than 15 years now.

In this time I’ve accumulated valuable knowledge on most mainstream kitchen appliances so rest assured, I can offer an accurate description on the quality of a particular dishwashers product.

Also, you should know form the start that we are not affiliated to any of the dishwashers brads so we have no interest in promoting one or the other.

I started this blog as a passion and my goal is to transform it into a community where people will share honest opinion on dishwashers so that we can all learn and we can all benefit from the knowledge gathered here


There are a few varieties of dishwashers. The most common are freestanding dishwashers that are 60cm wide, though there are also slimline dishwashers that are just 45cm wide that are good for small flats. Integrated dishwashers come in similar sizes, but are designed to blend in with your kitchen cabinetry. There also compact dishwashers that sit on the tabletop like a microwave, which are useful if you don’t have space for anything bigger.

Each type gives you a little flexibility depending on your needs, but here are a few more things worth knowing about before buying a new dishwasher.

Dishwasher Capacity

Dishwasher capacity is measured by place setting a single place setting consists of ten items of various sizes. A 60cm freestanding dishwasher typically takes 11 to 15 place settings. Slimline dishwashers typically hold 8 to 10 place settings and compact dishwashers around 8 to 10 place settings.

Dishwasher Adjustable racks

Another consideration is plate size. Not all dishwashers can take the largest plates, but some have adjustable racks to accommodate plates as big as 31.5cm in diameter. Check the maximum size a machine can take against your largest plates before buying.

Dishwasher Fold down prongs

This is a great feature to have. Fold down prongs make it much easier to load large pots and pans when you don’t have any plates to clean. Cheaper machines tend not to have them, but if you can afford one that does, then you won’t regret it.

Dishwasher Cutlery tray

Another useful feature is a dishwasher with a cutlery tray. This is dedicated tray at the top of the machine that means you have more space for pots and plates in the main part of the machine.


With so many options out there, having a full understanding of the key considerations in our dishwasher reviews enables you to make an informed purchasing decision and get the dishwasherthat best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Energy Efficiency
One of the vital considerations is how energy efficient the dishwasher is. That concept refers to how much water and energy the appliance consumes. For consumers who want to save money and do their bit to help save the planet, the best dishwashers are those that are ENERGY STAR qualified. While older models may consume vast amounts of energy and use excessive amounts of water, good quality modern models do not. In fact, the study conducted by the Energy Saving Trust shows that, on average, an energy-efficient dishwasher set on an eco-cycle uses only a third of the water you use when washing up in a sink. It also consumes less energy, as you are heating a comparatively small amount of water when running a dishwasher than when you must heat a full tank of water to manually wash up. When making your decision, be sure to look at the estimated yearly running costs too, as this gives you a good idea of how much the machine will cost and save you every year.

Cleaning Options
Cleaning options have a significant impact on how well-suited a particular dishwasher is to your kitchen. The more cycles to choose from, the greater control you have over your appliance. Models with specific wash zones provide a targeted area for heavily soiled kitchenware with a cycle designed to remove tough debris particles. Some dishwashers have a small-load option or a top-rack only setting, allowing you to run a shorter cycle that targets the top rack when you need to wash a small load.

Dishwashers that meet National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards ensure your pots and pans are hygienically clean, providing you keep the appliance in good working order. An eco-friendly wash cycle provides an economic option that uses less water and less energy, as does a quick cycle, which is suitable for thoroughly cleaning lightly soiled loads. If you have a lot of fine dinnerware, such as bone china, a dishwasher with a delicate cycle is a must. Choosing a model with a steam cycle is a good option for heavily soiled items. The presence of a rinse-only cycle allows you to lightly rinse dishes if you don’t plan on running a full cycle immediately.

Drying choices include the use of a heating element, which dries items quickly but consumes more power. An air-dry option allows dishes to dry naturally, which lowers energy consumption. Fan drying works in tandem with heat and air-dry cycles to speed up the drying process and, when used with a heated dry option, shortens the cycles, lowering power usage.

Load Flexibility
In our dishwasher reviews, load flexibility refers to the ease of use and flexibility of each model. The number of place settings is a key consideration, as it essentially determines how frequently you run your dishwasher and, if you have a large family, a small place setting capacity may not provide enough space to load a full quota of dinnerware and kitchenware after a single meal. Some full-sized dishwashers hold up to 16 place settings, whereas slimline dishwashers, tabletop or apartment-sized dishwashers can hold as few as four. The majority of dishwashers in our review have two racks, but some have a third rack, primarily for silverware and cutlery, freeing up more space on other racks to help you to make the most of the available interior space. Adjustable racks and folding tines make the dishwasher much more flexible and versatile, as you can essentially alter the position of the racks and tines to accommodate large, bulky or odd-shaped items.

Sound Level & Design
The design and dimensions of a dishwasher should have a major influence on your purchasing decision. How much noise it makes during a cycle is particularly important if you want to run it overnight when energy tariffs are typically cheaper. The quietest dishwashers peak at 40 decibels, while the noisiest reach 50. The more spray arms a dishwasher has, the more cleaning potential it has, as more spray arms means better water and detergent coverage. Our top rated dishwashershave three arms, while other noteworthy models in the lineup have two. All dishwashers have filters. However, choosing one with a self-cleaning model reduces the amount of maintenance the appliance requires.

The type of interior is an important consideration, as it impacts how noisy the appliance is during a cycle, the inner temperature and the strength of the interior. Models with a stainless-steel dishwashertub are a better choice than plastic, as they can withstand higher temperatures without the risk of warping, and they retain heat better, making them more energy efficient. Additionally, where noise is a factor, stainless-steel dishwasher models are quieter.

Dishwashers have either a recessed handle or a bar-style handle. Bar handles offer easy access, but they stick out, which isn’t ideal where space is at a premium. Recessed handles aren’t quite as convenient but they don’t stick out, making them a better option for small kitchens and, because they don’t have a protruding bar, they provide a cleaner, sleeker appearance.

Overall size plays a key role in your purchasing decision. You need to accurately measure the available space, taking into account height, width and depth to ensure you choose a model that fits neatly into the allotted space.

While the color or finish of the dishwasher isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, if you want an appliance that complements the rest of your appliances and the style of your kitchen, it’s something that you can consider. Options in our top rated dishwasher lineup include black, white, slate and brushed or bright stainless steel.

Warranty & Support
When you make a large purchase like a dishwasher, it’s important you understand the warranty and support terms. While new appliances should require very little repair and maintenance, there’s always the chance that something will go wrong. While some models have a standard warranty that covers everything, many have different warranties on different elements, including a labor warranty that covers labor costs during its lifetime, a part warranty, a rack and electronic warranty, and a tub and door liner warranty. Whether the warranty is a general one or covers individual parts and components, the longer it lasts, the better.

Good customer support is crucial as, if something goes wrong, you will need help troubleshooting or product-related advice. This means the manufacturer should be your first port of call. While you can contact many manufacturers via phone and email, others also offer a live-chat service.

How You Pay
While the dishwasher itself is a one-off purchase, there are a number of ongoing running costs, and it’s vital to take these into account. Among the most obvious is the yearly energy cost, which should be a key influencer in your decision-making process. The lower the average yearly running cost the better, as it means you’ll pay less and lower your energy consumption levels.

Dishwashing detergent is a crucial ongoing cost. Prices, quality and effectiveness all vary widely. Unless you purchase detergent with rinse aid already in it, you’ll need to buy this separately to ensure your items are rinsed properly and don’t have a dull finish.

To get scale- and film-free kitchenware from your dishwasheryou need dishwasher salt. This particular type of crystalline sodium chloride softens water and boosts the efficiency of a dishwasher‘s built-in water softener to prevent limescale buildup on your washed items. It also helps to provide a streak-free finish on your items without watermarks or spotting.

Outside of the warranty, you may also incur maintenance and repair costs. You can potentially reduce these costs by making sure the appliance is insured.


Every dishwasher is plumbed and run in first before we begin our testing. We fill each dishwasherwith a typical domestic load of pots and plates, including wine glasses and plastics.

We test the standard, main wash cycle and the Eco cycle on all machines, measuring the amount of water used, power used, time to completion and the noise during the fill and washing stages.

We also have three standard washing tests:

Dirty wine glass

This test consists of dried-on wine in the bottom of a wine glass. We look for perfect cleaning, a good shine and no streaks. We also look out for common drying problems, such as small pools of water in the base of the glass.

Dried-on wheat cereal

Always a favourite, this test consists of a bowl with dried-on wheat cereal that’s been left for 24 hours. It needs to be cleaned perfectly to achieve a good score.

Dried-on egg

This is our toughest test. In fact it’s so tough that no machine has produced perfect results yet. We leave egg cooked in the microwave in a Pyrex bowl to dry for 24 hours, and we always place this item in the best possible place to get ideal results. Tough though it may be, the extent of the cleaning gives us a great insight into how well machines perform overall.


  1. Built-in dishwashers – you can choose a compact type or a drawer type
  2. Portable or countertop dishwashers


  1. Tall tub dishwashers
  2. Standard dishwashers
  3. Compact dishwashers


Most manufacturers that produce dishwashers are actually well established brands that have years of experience in the kitchen appliances area so there is not much gossip here.

I will list here the best brands of dishwashers and the recommended model for each. In time I will have published reviews for each and link to them.

  1. Bosh Dishwashers – SHP65T55UC 500 24″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher – Energy Star
  2. LG Dishwashers– LDF8764ST Fully Integrated Dishwasher, Stainless Steel
  3. SPT Dishwashers – Countertop Dishwasher
  4. EdgeStar Dishwashers – Energy Star 18″ Built-In Dishwasher – Stainless Steel
  5. GE Dishwashers – GDF540HMFES 24″ Slate Full Console Dishwasher – Energy Star
  6. Avanti Dishwashers – DWE1801B Built-In Dishwasher
  7. Koldfront Dishwashers – 6 Place Setting Portable Countertop Dishwasher
  8. Kitchenaid Dishwashers – KDTE404DSS 24” 6-Cycle/6-Option Dishwasher
  9. Miele Dishwashers – Futura Classic Series G4205SS Dishwasher – Stainless Steel
  10. Frigidaire Dishwashers – FFBD1821MS 18″ Built-In Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Interior and Delay Start
  11. Amana Dishwashers – ADB1400PYS, Tall Tub Dishwasher, Stainless
  12. Fisher Paykel Dishwashers – DD24SCX7 DishDrawer 24″ Stainless Steel Semi-Integrated Dishwasher
  13. Whirlpool Dishwashers – WDF310PAAW 24″ White Full Console Dishwasher – Energy Star
  14. ECOAP Dishwashers – SB 80 Equator Fullsized Built-In Dishwasher, Silver
  15. Electrolux Dishwashers – EI24ID30QS Built-In Dishwasher, 24-Inch, Stainless Steel
  16. Samsung Dishwashers – DMT400RH 23-7/8″ Wide Built-In Energy Star Dishwasher with 4 Wash Cycles, 6 Layer Door In, White

So, here you go, these are the big players and their Dishwashers top models. Between them there are some that perform much better than the other. I will review them all on this website so that you can make an informed decision.


Installing a dishwasher can be easy or can require help from a professional. The portable models can be installed easily and require no technical skills, though the fully integrated (build in) ones could pose some problems.

We all know that design is important, and not only for the looks but also it plays an important role in the functionality of a dishwasher.

Before considering the build in models you need to take a closer look at the colors and overall aspect of your current kitchen furniture and design to see that if fits well. For the countertop models, among of the best lookers are the stainless steel and bisque ones, but you can easily find silver, white and black ones.

Be careful if you go for the stainless steel as it easily attracts fingerprints.

I usually go for the models that have a hidden control panel. This is usually positioned on the top edge of the door. It makes for a more clean and modern look overall.

The interior finishes and handles are usually made either of stainless steel or plastic, I usually recommend pocket style handle but recessed and bar handles are available across the range.

Digestive Science Reviews by Medical Authorities

It’s a known sad fact that human body is susceptible to a variety of bad ailments and people want an effective relief. Digestive Science products are very important because Digestive System of your body is a key to a Healthy You. For example, did you know that irritable bowel syndrome affects an estimated 45 million Americans? Digestive Science products can help them – that is why we have decided to create these series of Digestive Science reviews in order to help people to find Digestive Science products they really need to make their body healther and stronger.

Digestive Science has 4 important products that can help people with certain digestive issues.

To start our Digestive Science Reviews, let’s observe their flagship product – Digestive Science Colon Cleanse.

Doctors say that healthy colon and digestive system is a must-have for healthy and long life. The death starts in Colon!  If it fails to remove toxins and waste from your body, all this toxic garbage makes you sick and overweight. This can lead to terrible consequences – for example real parasites like tape worms and such can start living in your body because they use this waste as their food and they like it very much. That is why you need a healthy and clean colon to flush the waste powerfully and without any remaining things. Digestive Science Colon Cleanse helps you normalize your colon cleansing process in an optimal way, thanks to it’s unique formula developed by scientists and medical and health care specialists with decades of experience.

The tests have proven that Digestive Science colon cleanse was really effective and many bad symptoms were eliminated quickly. If you are looking for better health and effective colon cleanse, you can trust our Digestive Science Reviews and try Digestive Science Colon Cleanse for 90 days risk-free and you will not regret it.

We will continue our Digestive Science Reviews shortly with an overview of other  Digestive Science Products for health.